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No substance

Sat on this app for over an hour and not a single person talked to me for over 30 seconds

Dumb app

When ever u match with female then they ask u to pay

Coins, Gender

I tried buying some coins, it didn't give me anything. I tried to contact the facebook page, no reply. Good app if you want to spend $25+ on literally NOTHING. You pretty much have to but the coins in order to talk to females. Most men here when you try matching with “both” all are the same.

Too expensive

Coins a little too expensive but app is pretty cool

Awesome .

i love it most ..


This app is a scam! You have to buy coins to view the opposite sex and sometimes the people who use the app are pedophiles looking for prey. DO NOT DOWNLOAD

This is second time!

I purchase a 2.99 for the second time and I still didn’t get any coins!


Good app


It’s great

Stucked !

Why registration has limited ? How can i open another account in my phone ??

India, Turkey and Algeria

This site must be run from India. All guys from India, Turkey and Algeria. Never seen a female in here ONCE! They want you to buy coins .

I can’t anymore

I tryed at least 50 times to try and put my number and guess what ? Nothing! I got nothing! Can this actually work??!?

Not worth it...

Coin packages are too expensive and go quite fast... Basically it’s a bunch of foreign woman scamming you out of your money by asking for gifts, which cost quite a bit of money and in return they will show you their boobs.... This premise is the bread and butter of this company’s profit. It’s a joke.

Total crap. Just the entire set up makes for a horrible experience.

Ugh. Download at your own risk.

What is the goddess choice?

I’m just wondering what this gender choice is and why it’s 45 points? I need some info cause it doesn’t give you any on what it is?

Money back or fraud report.

I get charged more than what it says the germs cost and it gets to ducted from my account with no refund return to my card or I will be filing fraud with my bank on this app

i not fernis


Oh yeah

It’s real it’s chill best to use to kill time meet a lot of cool people all over try it out


All the girls on here for the most part are being paid or asking for money. It’s flooded with them now. Didn’t used to be this way. Won’t be using it anymore.

About the payment.

I bought 1200 tokens which was priced 9.99$ 15% off and i bought 3 of them. Even when they asked me to use my touch id to confirm the payment it was 9.99$. I then checked my bank account after an hour it was charged 19.99$ for three times that’s 30$ more what they asked me to pay, all i can tell is there might be some problem with your payment method or you guys are running scam.


Can someone please tell me a good free dating, flirting app without ads or anything please cuz this app is trash 💯🙏🏽


جميل جدنا


‏‫من الـ iPhone الخاص بي‬ You bought a balance but only showed balance My 0504595765


Chats don’t last that long!!!

Don’t listen to positive reviews!

This app is the biggest scam ever. They trick you into buying coins so you can pick the opposite sex. Seems like the videos are prerecorded, most videos won’t even last 5-30 seconds. Also $3 won’t get you far, you have to spend $100 to do their so called “live videos” for a week. I have a friend who happens to be a lawyer, so I will definitely be asking him about a legal actions because it’s not right to steal people’s money, especially for guys.

It’s very funny

Thanks for this app it’s very easy and funny

Bad app for dating

This app make u got thru a lot and very second watch a video for coins plus and they give u 15 coins and u get a girl and she cancel u lost the coin and then buy more coin this is no free app is a crap

Don’t like the fact you got pay

Don’t like that it ask you to pay snap chat instagram n face book don’t charge that’s why they big in the social media business


Good app to find friends and make relationships


Do not buy gems here the girls will ask 600 for a private show ( nudity ) and then take you’re money why does this app even have this some of us just wanna talk to people. This company knows what’s up too it’s how they make money

Waste of time

This is a waste of time.if you wanna talk to females you have to pay.most of the people are not from USA.

Need More Coins

I have been in so many live video chat apps such as and so many live stream apps to even make money while streaming. this one is not a free at all. It required coins to talk to girls and it runs out all the coins quickly when they hit next and different person appears on the screen. Coins are also expensive for ios users because of taxes.


You buy coins and they sneak them away without you knowing! Asked for a refund and zero answers! Buyer be ware!!!






انا احببت التطبيق ولكن كن لااعرف التواصل في فقمة بحذفه ولم يقبل التسجيل مره اخرى فرجأآ ان تصلح هذا يضهر لي قمت بالتسجيل لعده مرات

Scam and inappropriate request from users.

Please avoid this scam app at all cost In fact it should be reported for scamming people. I mistakenly downloaded and wasted my time on this junk app.

Scam and a joke

IF YOU A MALE LOOKING FOR A FEMALE AND KNOW ENGLISH, PLEASE READ THE HONEST REVIEW THAT GIVE 1 STAR. Try it out, but app is a scam for guys that’s looking for an opposite sex. You have to buy some coins to even see females which some don’t even last 2 seconds then you’re out of coins in minutes depending on how much money you spent. It’s free to select both gender, but you’ll only get to see males every time you login without buying coins. People that gave this app a 4 to 5 stars are probably females, gay males, rich males, and/or people just being nice.

awsome app

awsome app

Money grabber

As other said no policy on how to spend the coins , You end up paying 9 coins for the selected gender and It takes couple of seconds for the chat to disappear. I don’t like the way it works, So not gonna support this, Thanks but no thanks , Not recommended


The app is cool but it needs to be restructured so we can be able to choose regions, because it takes you to non English regions and it almost seems that you are wasting the tokens that is been bought . If there is a way regions can be picked on your own that will be cool .

Makayla is very mad but follow me on snap: maykay731

Anyways this app says I was unable to talk to people for photographic an inappropriate behavior yet my friend and I didn’t even show are face or talk so why would we show something more? I’m confusion 😂🤪🛸


برنامج مسلي





Without any reason they deduct coins making you to top up again and again

Do not install.. one of the money eating app.. with out any false this app blocks you and asks for coins to unlock. Most of the users here are asking coins for nothing.. this app is a no no no

Gender discrimination

I just got reported for being a different gender, that app change my gender to Male originally a female That’s my correct gender and I did not get any consent of this this is so unprofessional of you guys.for that being said I would like for you to fix this and consent new consumers of this app before making a decision like this one !!! please and thank you ,Sincerely Angela



Worst app ever

I paid 3 dollars for this stupid app. And do you know this might be the worst three dollars I ever spent. People hang up on you for no reason using all of your coins and then you run out. REFUND!

Good app

Yup uh huh. This app is great. Yeah whoooo

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