LivU – Random Live Video Chat App Reviews

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Without any reason they deduct coins making you to top up again and again

Do not install.. one of the money eating app.. with out any false this app blocks you and asks for coins to unlock. Most of the users here are asking coins for nothing.. this app is a no no no

Gender discrimination

I just got reported for being a different gender, that app change my gender to Male originally a female That’s my correct gender and I did not get any consent of this this is so unprofessional of you guys.for that being said I would like for you to fix this and consent new consumers of this app before making a decision like this one !!! please and thank you ,Sincerely Angela



Worst app ever

I paid 3 dollars for this stupid app. And do you know this might be the worst three dollars I ever spent. People hang up on you for no reason using all of your coins and then you run out. REFUND!

Good app

Yup uh huh. This app is great. Yeah whoooo


Muy buena para chats de videollamadas...

Biggest scam

It’s charging for match man with woman. If you don’t pay it brings only your sex people. DO NOT GET THI APP. I’m erasing and will make sure those morons will be out of apple store

not good

this app all paid options. not free so bad all video chat must be paid money then you video talk to other person. is not good 😡😡😡

Money grab - ridiculous

Total bait and switch. Get paired, if you don’t donate coins, get dumped from the video. I mean, tell the workers to at least say hello.

Terrible App

It’s all weird dudes on here


GREAT !!!!


Very good


You only get someone of the opposite sex if you pay. Every time I tried without paying, I would get all males. It’s BS.

I don’t like this Apps

You people always ask buy coin buy Coin and the Female on this Apps are all Racist they don’t want to talk with me because am black and I hate it I will not buy any coin again I have use $12 to buy coin and nobody to talk with it’s a Scam I hate it

Terrible app don’t get it people...

Horrible app it Steels your money and dosent let you call anyone...

very goog and good

very good and good



Nice initiative but very cost intensive

The Initiative behind this app is cool but i have tried and i think its way too expensive and could also be waste of money for consumers, coins don't last long after had to buy several coins and not a single stable conversation, you are per with someone you chat a few seconds then you are while you coins is running out. I think It would be better if subscription was monthly rather than coins free trial limited to specific number of chats will be cool rather than not having a conversation and still be paying for it.

Don’t use this app

This is really a v fake App. Designed to earn money. U can’t achieve anything out of this app. They are Cheating and stealing our money. I’m surprised and questioned why AppStore accept such a cheating app.

Paying for coins

If you have 9 coins and choose to chat with males only or females only it takes could of seconds on the chat then you have 0 coins

Tank you so much

Good app I love it


Good app



La opción para elegir no que quieres no sirve

La opción para elegir lo que quieres no sirve. Eliges solo mujeres y no funciona solo esta ambos sexos. Para que está la función de elegir si es obsoleta?.


Fake app....plz don't check it all girls there are fake....can someone work for this app answer me.plz

Nice app tbh

Just a little after our money but overall it’s good



Waste of money

Worst app I have ever paid for .... u never get to talk to the people u send a friend request to cos apparently they are always busy and what’s worst is you get charged for even your searches when u switch to female only the is just a rip off and u never get to talk to people from your own country I will advice that u don’t waste ur data and money on this cos am deleting mine now


The worst app I ever downloaded, trapping people to spend money on nothing I just couldn’t get to know where my money went, Be careful with buying coins because it will just disappear. Just for touching screen , there is no policy on how to spend, try it, you’ll see what I am talking about, and if you don’t buy coins, they will match only with same sex If I could give 0 star , I would


I love meeting new people




Very good app... but we need to get more free gold please




I love this apps 😍😍😍

Not bad

I like that i can pay to unban myself lol. Good app to show your manhood


Very good

Don’t trust the good reviews most of then are fake

Is expensive, but that is no my problem. The real problem is the when you pay to get only the opposite sex they march with prerecorded video. I live in the us This night i was connected at 3am and people in where in plain daylight and you can see i s prerecorded video. This guys are scammers

Love it!

Apps are great! But need free call both male and female.




Dope I like it a lot and it is great


Such a great app. Ty.


شكرا على البرنامج الرائع


Friendly people



Nice app

Nice app

Great if they fine out when to get to u.

Good deal live and learn babe.

It’s good it’s real and actually affordable

This app is pretty cool it gives you free points from the start and there is good deals on points it’s cheap and affordable. You meet a lot of people on here from around the world yeah I wish there was a language filter and country filter but besides that most of the people on here speak good English for the most part. Yeah there’s also negative emotions about this app lol if your not the best looking just saying girls will skip you as rude as it is 😐 but I serious girls and men on here wanna see good looking girls and girls wanna see model boys it’s only true most women on here are in there late 20’s and 30’s few teens or early 20’s sorry it’s just the way it is. It’s fun and also weird you know the creeps... but besides that this app is pretty cool 😎

Other languages

Every time I go on I can never hear them and they are always from different places

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